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If you already use a CRM then you'll know that the data within it is the beating heart of your business.  If you use multiple spreadsheets or your email inbox to manage your customer and prospect data, you'll also know that it too is the beating heart of your business.  They all contain critical customer and prospect data which is fundamental to running your business, which is why it needs a considered approach before you migrate the data to HubSpot CRM.  

Imagine losing critical data such as customer order information, contact information, your sales pipeline data, and so on.  The impact on your business is immense.  Moving any stored data between systems require expert skills and an understanding of data models, the last thing you want to do is accidentally delete your business data.


  • Data Organisation

    Our team has many years of expertise in migrating systems across data schemas, technology, sales and marketing.  We will ensure that you are up and running on HubSpot CRM, moving not just the data itself, but also how to logically structure and organise it too. Understanding how to move and configure data for use is a game changer for your business!


Data Analysis

  • Qualified Data Assessments

    Critical to the success of any CRM migration is understanding the quality of the data to be migrated. We advise and help many businesses with data clean-up during the migration process. No matter the size and scale of the clean-up, we have approaches to help you fix them all.

Data Process

  • Structured Migration

    Our structured best practice migration process ensures an orderly and error-free approach to moving your critical business data. Our data strategy is the foundation for the migration planning and set up of the new HubSpot CRM.  


We are data migration experts



We Apply Your Business Model To HubSpot

We apply custom configuration to HubSpot CRM so that it supports your unique business model, challenges and requirements, enabling you to get results quick and with ease.


HubSpot CRM Migration Surrey Woking Guildford

We Help You To Optimise your Sales Process

We have many years of sales operations experience in both large and small companies, we know and understand exactly what it means to manage a sales pipeline and sales reps. 


HubSpot data Migration Surrey Woking Guildford

We Enable You To Scale Through Automation and Data Strategy

No matter if you have one hundred or a million records to migrate you are in safe hands. Our expertise in system migrations means we have handled hundreds of process automation activities and provided businesses with scaleable data strategies that fit the business of tomorrow.

HubSpot CRM Migration data Surrey Woking Guildford


We've migrated data for businesses large and small across multiple industries.

No matter if you have one hundred or one million records to migrate you are in safe hands. Our expertise in system migrations and configuration of CRM's goes back more than 25 years.

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Flexible Pricing

We've a package to suit most businesses but we can also customise our services to suit your needs.


Perfect for Small Businesses


Depending on requirements

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Basic CRM Implementation:

Setup of 'HubSpot Free CRM'

Setup Deals & Pipeline Stages

Setup Custom Properties

Import Data & Cleanse

Apply GDPR Configuration

Setup Custom Filters

Setup Reporting Dashboard with 5 Reports

Setup Website Chat

Setup Team Email Inboxes

Setup Meetings Tool

Connect Website & Forms

Train up to 5 Users

Go Live Support

Most Popular


Medium/Large Businesses


Depending on requirements

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Our START package, plus:

Data Strategy & Plan

Data Cleanup Analysis & Mapping

Data Migration 

Integration of Apps from the HubSpot App Marketplace

Create up to 20 Reports

Train up to 20 Users

Post Go Live Support with up to 3 User Coaching Sessions


** Optional:

Create Sales Email Templates

Create Sales Document Library

Create Sales Prospecting Sequences

Create Sales Snippets

** Requires Licence for HubSpot Sales Starter/Professional/Enterprise


Large/Complex Businesses


Depending on requirements

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Our REV package, plus:

Comprehensive Requirements & Integrations Analysis

Integral Part of Your Project Team

Custom Integrations

Create Additional Reports & Dashboards

Enhanced User Training Sessions

Ongoing User Coaching Sessions

We can help clean your data, build new custom integrations with another system(s) using HubSpot's API's, create email templates, and new content for sales team to leverage in their prospecting.

Please enquire about any of these services, we'll be happy to discuss them with you.


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