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To succeed in your marketing goals you need to earn the attention of your buying audience. Leveraging an inbound marketing strategy will enable you to attract better quality leads and ultimately reduce your marketing costs by leveraging intelligence based on interest levels and predictive scoring.

When adopting this inbound marketing approach, you benefit from new levels of collaboration between sales and marketing, fusing them together with shared real-time data to drive intelligent sales decisions, based on the likelihood or propensity to buy.


HubSpot Flyweel


Set-up, Analysis & Optimisation

  • Planning

    Full Inbound Plan with Goals

    Technical Website Audit

    Full HubSpot Set-up (All Features)

    SEO Technical Optimisation

    Set-up of HubSpot SEO Tools

    Email & Landing Page Templates

    Data Lists, Segmentation & Data Import

Lead Nurturing & Automation


  • Lead Generation

    Integrated Campaigns

    Lead Scoring

    Landing Pages

    Email Promotion

    CTAs and Automation

    Lead Nurturing Workflows

    Website Chat & Messenger Flows

Research & Content Creation

  • Content

    Keyword Research for SEO

    Competitor Research for SEO

    Buyer Persona Development

    Content Plan for SEO & Campaigns

    Blogging / Pillar Page Content

    Premium Campaign Content Offer(s)

    Create Email & Landing Page Content


Agile Marketing Services


Our agile inbound marketing services enable us to achieve the targets you need to meet your objectives.

Being agile means that we can change what we focus on each month, at any time, based on your business priorities. We are able to swap out non-core services in any month without the need for revisiting our contract with you. Giving you peace of mind that the core services will always be covered, and yet the contract can flex to suit your specific business.

As a growth-focused business we enable you to accelerate your success. Our agility to act on data-driven intelligence and implement smart approaches to both sales and marketing helps our clients to deliver tangible revenue results for the business.

And it doesn't stop there, we enable you to track your entire sales and marketing efforts in one place.



Marketing Campaigns

We are scientists and data junkies, and our passion is to drive revenue growth through marketing effectiveness.

While relevant and contextual content marketing forms the basis of effective marketing campaigns, it is the use of smart marketing technology which is now the enabling force behind our campaigns, helping our clients to push the limits and break new growth boundaries.


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When it comes to marketing, crushing your competitors must be on your radar, which means you need to be consistently thinking about ways to improve your lead generation. By leveraging an  inbound agency such as RevM, you can beat your competition if you have a well thought out inbound marketing strategy

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Lead Generation


We create campaigns targeted to your buyers, whether that is through a series of emails, landing pages and valuable content offers, or through precisely targeted ads combined with SEO and social media.
We ensure that you have the most appealing content, distributed in the right place, at the right time to ensure that you drive a higher conversion rate (CRO), which leads to better quality leads for sales.

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Here at RevM, we have the expertise to help you develop your vision, and implement your Inbound Marketing Strategy. From developing your inbound marketing plan and target audience persona, through to creating your content strategy, and execution of every element in your plan. We bring it all together into an effective integrated digital campaign.


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Combining data driven and content marketing approaches drastically improves your marketing effectiveness and reduces the cost of sales.

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