In today’s digital era, it can be quite a challenge to attract your target audience and keep them interested. On top of that, you must also compete with fierce competition and cut through the noise to get noticed.

This is where HubSpot provides an effective solution.

When implemented successfully, HubSpot is a strong digital marketing, sales and service platform that can help businesses of any size or industry achieve excellent lead generation and customer nurturing results.

However, it’s possible that businesses like yours may not be getting the results you were expecting, despite adopting HubSpot.

There are reasons for this, as well as some great ways to help put you on track.

What is HubSpot?

what is hubspot?

HubSpot, or more specifically, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a marketing platform that aids companies in acquiring, nurturing and retaining customers through its website solutions, content optimisation, contacts monitoring, social media management and analytics.

Its combination of inbound methodology and content marketing strategies promises to boost your efforts by acting as an “all-in-one" solution to help you attract visitors, convert them into leads and eventually turn them as loyal customers.

When utilised correctly, HubSpot allows your business to accomplish things like:

  • Consistent and coherent marketing channels that add value to your target audience with every interaction
  • Personalised campaigns for specific customers
  • Lead segmentation of your prospects by traits, interest, demographics and their engagement behaviours with your business
  • Measurable interactions and results

However, for it to entirely benefit you, you must completely integrate it into your business’ processes and practise the inbound methodology. Otherwise, it becomes a simple “add-on” platform that won't help your business achieve its full potential.

Here are 5 common problems that may hinder businesses like yours from getting the maximum results from HubSpot.

5 Reasons why your business isn’t getting results from HubSpot


1) Automation clash

HubSpot allows you to automate a lot of your marketing campaigns to not only streamline your efforts but also customise your lead nurturing communications for each individual.

However, when this is not set up correctly, ‘automation clash’ can occur - this is where multiple automation processes are set up without the right planning, and as a result, they don't work well together.

If you fail to coordinate and make your automation system coherent, you’re likely to confuse, spam or frustrate people.

2) Workflows are not optimised

HubSpot allows you to produce workflows from scratch and personalise them according to your audience’s actions. This goal here is that each keeps the flywheel turning by delivering value to your customers when and where they want it.

One good example is the email workflow. If it prompts your users to purchase from your online store, you can then customise your workflow to continue to communicate the ideal message depending on what action they take. However, there are also many other workflow types, such as automatically updating your database, sending notifications, integrating with third-party tools and date-based prompts.

Regardless of which your business uses, an effective Marketing Strategy will ensure that these HubSpot workflows are optimised.

If they are not tailored to match your target audience's expectations, you may not benefit from this feature at all.

3) Incorrect set-up

It’s wrong to expect HubSpot to produce great results on its own.

It is essential that you commit your business and teams to using its platform, while carrying out a consistent and well-planned content production strategy.

Inbound methodology is also a long-term strategy and to reap positive results, you must implement it holistically.

Unfortunately, businesses can struggle with HubSpot if they don’t fully commit to its integration and use.

After all - HubSpot is much more than an email and landing page tool – when set-up correctly, onboarding and campaigns should start to reap results by the first 90 days!

4) Unmanaged expectations  

Just like most business applications, it can take some time to see the full results of the inbound methodology. This must be taken into account, otherwise, you’ll be frustrated that your expectations don’t match the initial results.

But with the right HubSpot set-up and optimisation, you’ll be seeing great success in no time.

5) Lack of training  

For your team to get the best results from HubSpot, your team must understand the platform and be able to use it correctly. This comes from HubSpot training.

While it can be a big change, using HubSpot will definitely be worth it when it’s utilised to its full potential by people who can apply it to your business.

So, to achieve maximum return on investment, up-to-date training is necessary.


how to get the best results from hubspot ?How to get the best results from HubSpot  

HubSpot is amazing and congratulations to your business for choosing it!

Adopting new technology platforms can feel overwhelming, especially when they are so powerful and extremely comprehensive. While HubSpot is indeed an extremely versatile tool, it only works well if it’s in the right hands and used in the right way.

It’s about making HubSpot work together with your model to suit your business

Sometimes, a little external help can significantly help improve your return on investment (ROI) for HubSpot.

So, we're glad you found us because, at RevM, we are the HubSpot management experts. As a HubSpot Partner, we work with businesses like you to identify how to use HubSpot correctly to achieve excellent results through Marketing Strategy and HubSpot Consulting.

Need a bit of HubSpot SOS?

Our team of HubSpot management experts can make the process feel seamless. We'll guide you through the HubSpot setup process and provide all the necessary training you need to take advantage of the marketing and sales power at your fingertips.

Or, if you’d prefer a HubSpot Audit and Health check, we can evaluate your current HubSpot setup and configuration, and show you how you can get more traffic and leads from your website. We'll get back to you with how well your HubSpot is optimised and provide you with recommendations for quick wins and long-term success.

While it can be a big change, using HubSpot will definitely be worth it when it’s utilised to its full potential by people who can apply it to your business.

Talk to RevM to overcome your HubSpot challenges  

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No matter if you are new to HubSpot, you’re considering HubSpot for your business, or have been using HubSpot for a while and wondering if it could be working better for you – RevM can help.


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Carl Davies

Written by Carl Davies

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