As organisations grow, their foundational systems become less effective. Unfortunately, they may not even realise until the situation becomes so inefficient that they need assistance to overhaul their technology stack.

This is what happened with UK-based Co-working space provider, Runway East. RevM helped them turn their operations around to equip them with a powerful platform that was optimised to their growing business.

Case Study & HubSpot 2020 Grow Better: Sales Impact Award Winner

HubSpot Impact Award Winner | RevM

Growth Challenges

Runway East had six challenges and needed to unify sales, marketing and operations systems to consolidate data and streamline processes. 

  1. No single source of prospect and customer truth, data was spread across 5 sources with no synchronisation or integration.
  2. The sales and management team struggled to track prospecting outreach.
  3. There were difficulties in attributing revenue throughout sales and marketing.
  4. It was difficult and manual to analyse the customer journey in detail, impacting the ability of the sales team to utilise contextual information.
  5. There was complex and painful automation across 8 operational systems.
  6. Email opt-out was complex.


The Solution

As the project involved transforming so much data across the organisation, our focus was to ensure buy-in from stakeholders across departments to avoid friction. 

We analysed the HubSpot Ecosystem and selected Data2CRM for migration, Neverbounce for email cleansing, Insycle for data integrity, Zapier for integration, and spreadsheets.

The solution consisted of:

  • Implementation of HubSpot Sales Pro, Service Pro and Marketing Enterprise for sales growth, marketing effectiveness, and operational service excellence. 
  • Migration of 653,000 data elements from 5 systems and 10 spreadsheets into HubSpot.
  • Integration of HubSpot with Zapier across 8 existing mission-critical systems not replaceable until the next phase.
  • Implementing of HubSpot automation based on contextual visitor actions and data points from systems along the customer journey, enabling sales and marketing to improve their joint SLA. Automation included a lead management and recycling solution, ensuring sales focused on the right leads at the right time.
  • 176 HubSpot automations for sales data enrichment with workflows to normalise migrated data, data from integration sources, and improving sales effectiveness by automating building tour journeys. 
  • A data management solution for deduplicating and maintaining data integrity.
  • An email cleaning solution to improve the integrity of sales outreach emails.
  • A manual data cleanse of 2,000 email records to confirm their opt-out status.


The Result: United Evolution

The project was delivered in May 2020 amid COVID-19 and was no ordinary HubSpot implementation. Runway East’s team is now equipped with a powerful platform designed to enable optimised sales outreach, lead nurturing, and improved customer service. The solution has enabled Runway East to drive revenue growth through accurate sales pipeline management aligned to shared goals between sales and marketing.

  • By migrating 653,000 data elements into HubSpot from 5 systems and 10 complex spreadsheets we improved contact and company data integrity, and improved sales outreach with smarter prospecting tools.
  • We integrated 8 systems with HubSpot, enabling the sales and operational teams to have a single consolidated view of prospect and customer data.
  • An enterprise-wide data model to support the the whole business model. 
  • By integrating the FlyWheel approach we enabled Runway East to maximise sales conversion and lead nurturing, and enhance customer service excellence to improve transparency, reduce friction and increase accountability between departments and ultimately, for Runway East Members.
  • The streamlined technology placed sales in the optimal position to focus on growth through pipeline management, conversions and retentions, and less on inefficient processes.


Impact On The Business

Runway East is extremely happy with the outcome of such a complex project, demonstrated by the great review on the HubSpot Partner Directory

The business summarised the impact as:

  • Ability to now analyse the full prospect & customer journey.
  • Have one consolidated system for CRM, sales outreach, reporting, managing building tours and leads, marketing activities and service excellence.
  • Being able to attribute activities that lead to revenue with a full suite of sales reports.
  • Alignment between sales and marketing through consolidated and contextualised real-time data, so that they can achieve their joint SLA.
  • Have a customisable data schema to suit their business model and support sales outreach.
  • The ability to leverage compliant external data into sales and marketing activity.
  • Removal of manual and disparate data sources from the business.
  • A sales system, process and data that integrates with operational systems.


“We were recommended to RevM by an industry partner for our huge Pipedrive to HubSpot CRM migration, marketing and sales automation project - dealing with well over half a million records. From strategy through to the technical delivery. RevM's knowledge of HubSpot & CRM data management is second to none.

They helped transform our clunky and unregulated CRM into a slick and modern operation that I know will set Runway East for better growth as we scale. They did everything from data reconfiguration, data migration, pipeline planning, software integrations using Zapier to HubSpot Enterprise implementation.

If you want a team that's got your best interest at heart, chase goals with the same vigour as you, and have a few laughs along the way - RevM's the obvious choice. There's no doubt they'll go above and beyond and share their knowledge along the way! Looking forward to our continued partnership.”
- Jacob Fisher, Head of Marketing

In summary, the entire sales and marketing databases are now consolidated using all aspects of HubSpot. There is an effective feedback loop between Marketing and Sales campaigns to unify their efforts, the CRM allows for clearer insights, automation of processes and smarter decision making.


The next steps

We continue to advise on best practice and quarterly reviews across sales, marketing and service, ensuring the solution consistently delivers value, and provides them with strategic growth.

There are more opportunities that HubSpot offers Runway East to capitalise on. Including bringing their operational procedures and external forms into HubSpot, and using automation to predict client trends. These insights will be delivered to the Sales and Customer Success team so they can be more proactive in their acquisition and retention efforts - instead of being reactive when it’s too late.

Case Study & HubSpot 2020 Grow Better: Sales Impact Award Winner

HubSpot Impact Award Winner | RevM


Carl Davies

Written by Carl Davies

Carl is Founder of RevM